Hello world!

I figured I would take this moment to maybe explain what I plan to do here. I know I quickly wrote something in my about section, but I wanted to tell you why being a pagan mama is so important to me, personally.

I grew up in a Christian household. I never felt left out of faith, but something never felt right. While I could ask my parents anything (they are very open minded Christians) I still had trouble fully connecting. I loved faith and learning, but it didn’t feel like home. I want my daughter to have the option to explore all religions early while teaching her to be a global, Earth minded citizen. So while I may “focus” on pagan educational opportunities, I really just want to ensure that my daughter isn’t shoe horned into one path.

In addition, I never want her to feel bullied into thinking that there is only one path. Now, realistically, I know I can’t fix her every spiritual confusion or crisis, but I can try to build her up. I can try to help her become solid in liking who she is by fostering independence and individual thought.  Some of my fondest and worst memories are related to these concepts.

I know that these concepts can make or break a child.  Some of my fondest memories of religion relate to discussions I had with my parents regarding various religious debates. I learned so much and was forced to think about what I thought, sometimes even research.  Had my parents not been willing to answer any (and every question) I had asked, I would not have made it through some of the worst spots in my life.  Nor would I have found my path. I can’t say my parents always agree with me, but they accept that it is my right to choose this path. They also understand that there isn’t a one size fits all path when it comes to religion.  I was luckier than some kids I knew who joined me on this path.

So, why is being a pagan mama important to me? Because I want to teach my child the same way I was taught and I want to share the methods I find with others, because not everyone knows where to start. Even harder, can be finding ways to explain different concepts to your children, or even other parents.  I hope to shed some light on these topics as I journey through the maze of motherhood myself.

Wish me luck!


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