Those Cherished Photos



So, while I know it isn’t quite pagan parenting, I know those precious photos are as important to me as they are to you.  In fact, I love photography. I find it hard to not sit there and look for that perfect pose or to take as many photos as I can. I can always delete the duds later.

When Freya was first born, I had a really crappy phone and an ancient camera. Neither were cutting it. Luckily, around my birthday my father splurged for me to get a new phone with a 16 mp camera. Which is great quality for a phone for sure. It was definitely better than both of my other photography devices.  Still, the camera app that comes on the Samsung isn’t exactly great to say the least.

Which led to me trying to find some way to bolster my photo quality. To that end, I found two apps.

Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder

The first is photo wonder. It isn’t too fancy and it is free on the android app store. What excites me about this one is that you can add backgrounds or frames and stickers to already existing photos.  They are really cute if you have little ones or you want to send something precious to the grandparents (assuming they have a cell phone).

The app I really want to share with you however, is called Camera 360. This is a fantastic app and….wait….it is FREE!  This app has camera filters.  Some only work with landscapes. Some only work with people, but its still fantastic.  On the landscapes some of the filters included allow you to make the backdrop of your regular day photo look like an aurora or a starry night.

Black and White Camera 360

Black and White Camera 360

But, we care more about those filters that can make our precious little ones look more adorable than they already are. This app has filters that let you change lighting or add a halo to the outside rim of your photo.  It has funny filters that will amuse your child (you can download them from the effects store for free as well).  Camera 360 also has this wonderful filter that allows your entire photo to be in black and white excluding one color of your choice.  And finally, it has a filter that can make your photos look like sketches done by a street vendor. It takes some playing to figure out, but it really is an all around great app for the amateur photographer who cannot afford a professional camera.

Magic Color Filter Camera 360

Magic Color Filter Camera 360


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