Bad Day

I apologize the last two weeks have been rough and today has been the worst. I have a post, but my editor (aka the boyfriend) has been affected by the problem as well. I will have it ready by sometime tomorrow though.

In the meantime I’ll just give you guys an update one what’s going on.

My mother’s aide has been great. When dad was put in the hospital she came and stayed here, risked her job, to make sure that her friend, my severely disabled mother, would be okay (she’s not supposed to be here outside of work hours) during a time when I couldn’t be there (my mother wanted me to finish my degree).

So we do whatever we can to support her. Well last her her husband did something stupid that landed him in jail. He served his time and came out a much better person (well aside from a few nasty habits). Today he was called in for a piss test, which was a ruse to arrest him for another county. It took us five of us all day, either driving around or making calls to figure out what was going on.

Turns out that they have “accidentally” messed up his file and claim that he has only served 72 days. And have taken him in as escaped (despite the fact that they have photos of him being discharged from the jail. I say accidentally with quotations because this happens just six days after paperwork was served to both the jail and my friend saying that the attorney general is picking up their lawsuit against the nurse for medical endangerment, among many other things that the jail is currently being investigated for.

So now we have to wait till monday to talk to a friend of my father’s (he worked department of corrections prior to his stroke) to fix the problems and hopefully get him out.

So for those of you reading please pray for the members of my selected family being affected by this sad state of affairs.


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