Back on Track (Deep Breath and fingers Crossed)

So…I know I haven’t posted at all this past week….I promise it’s coming tomorrow. I have it ready and I could post it right now…but I need to sleep.  I honestly didnt have the energy to retype it into here and post this.

So here’s what happened.

We worked our butts off (Well mostly me and then the boyfriend and mom’s best friend) to get everything that could explode, melt, be flammable, rot, or go bad, out of the house in three days…plus get my disabled parents, ourselves and my nearly year old packed for an overnight stay….not as easy as one would think when you have to take two walkers an oxygen machine and still manage to run errands the day you go and come back.

We did the heat treatment…had more bs from the company and got it over with.

Tuesday I was ready to come back and post that late post I promised and what happened?

I got sick, then the boyfriend, and then the baby.

By the time I was finally better it was Sunday and I had gone a week without posting.

I thought I might even be further delayed due to thinking I had killed a car. Which turned out to just be a feature we had accidentally turned on and hadn’t known existed. Which made me miss part of the minions and terminator movies at the drive in. I know first world problems….but still stressful and frustrating none the less.

So this week we are nearly back on track and I’m a bit more ahead in my writing which never hurts and hopefully (fingers crossed) life will stop throwing me rotted lemons.


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