The Pooper Scooper on Cloth Diapers

I hope you all are having a great week so far and I hope you’ve been thinking more about the cloth diaper revolution and the choices that are best for your family. From that starting point, I would like to talk more about this money saving phenomenon that is also super eco friendly.

So we talked Money on Monday.  But let’s talk about what else makes cloth diapering awesome.

1. It’s less toxic for baby. Disposables are made from a variety of chemicals and bleaches. We have enough toxins in our lives without placing them directly on our child’s tooshies.  If you read Changing Diapers by Kelly Wells, you’ll find out that there are studies that some of the chemicals used in these diapers are harmful with long term exposure.  The gel inside of it was removed from tampons for being linked to toxic shock syndrome in the 80s.  Not to mention all the artificial crap that could cause allergies and skin reactions.  I don’t know what it was about disposables, but Freya always had a nasty rash when she wore them and now we rarely even get a diaper rash at all.

2. Money, which we talked about last time….so go back a post if you didn’t read Monday’s post. The point is that cloth diapers will save you thousands despite start up costs, between birth and the age of potty training. If you look up’s calculator you can find out how much cloth diapering will cost you in comparison to disposables.  In just the six months we’ve been doing it we’ve saved around $120-$130 per month.  .

3, Eco Friendly.  As pagan parents it is our job to protect this planet as much as our children. With estimates saying that a diaper could be sitting in a landfill for over a hundred years….what harm do we do to mother Earth when we use disposables. Also, how many natural resources are being wasted to create a product that is “convenient”

4. Convenience. People are going to disagree with me here. I think that it’s more convenient to never have to shop for diapers. I think that it’s neat that I can just wash them and go. I don’t find it a hassle to take an extra bag with me and more diapers. I think it’s neat and convenient that I can customize freya’s look with her neat patterns or even simple colors (your preference).

5. Fun.  This goes back to the colors and the patterns. I love seeing Freya in her spidey diaper or her minky polka dots. I love being able to pick the pattern I’m in the mood in for the moment.

Types of Cloth Diapers

So now that you know the reasons we cloth diaper let’s get down to the dirty dukes of cloth diapering.  There are so many different terms that get flung around with cloth diapering.  Snappies, Doublers, AIO’s, pockets; what does it all mean.

I mean today’s cloth diapers are so different from what our grandparents, even our parents knew.  Long gone are the days of boiling and folding. That’s just not what most people do when they cloth diaper anymore.  Quite frankly, there are so many choices it can be hard to decide. What worked out best for me was going to a store that sold them and sitting through a tutorial where I could try it out. The owners at Mama’s HIp and Diaper Fairy Cottage on Bardstown Road in Louisville were great in presenting me with all of my options. By the time I was done I knew what would work best for me.

So here we go again

1. AIO stands for all in one. These are the closest to disposables except that they are made of cloth.  They are the most convenient, but the longest and hardest to dry.  The pro here is that you don’t have to stuff them with more inserts, but they can feel heavy and add weight to your baby’s rear, which I feel can make it harder for them to walk properly when the time comes.

2. Pockets have three layers. The inner layer lets water through to the pad, but not back out.  The inner layer is insertable. It is what absorbs the liquid. The good thing about a pocket is that you can choose your padding based on your child’s needs.  Then the outer layer is waterproof.  This is what we have for Freya.

3. One Size. While our diapers are pockets they are also one size.  I can adjust her diapers to fit her from birth to potty training thanks to a series of snaps on the front and around the waist. Some use velcro around the waist, but I’ve found the snaps to be preferable as Freya scratched herself on one of my homemade ones that had the velcro.

4. All in two diapers.  These are like pockets where you can choose the material, but they snap on top. My homemade diapers are All in Twos.  You don’t insert them like in pockets. Which some find easier and others don’t like as much. I’m torn. Honestly the only reason I ended up using more pockets is because that is what I could get at the best price.

5, Flats. These are the ones you fold. I don’t like them. I can’t remember how to fold them….and they are inconvenient for me at least. If you want the cheapest option though…you can get a pack of three of these at Walmart for 9 dollars or so.  They are the most cost effective, but I don’t have the patience for them…so I invested just a little more into something that was easier for my family, but if you can master folding them then I say power to you new mom or dad.

6. Prefolds are folding diapers as well. They are a bit easier however as you just fold it in thirds and then widen one edge. However most of the folding ones don’t have velcro or snaps of any kind. You’re going to need safety pins or the plastic latch connectors that some baby stores buy for cloth diapers.  I think they are called snappies

7. Fitted. These are cloth diapers that have two parts. The inner diaper that is absorbent and a cover to contain the wet. I know some parents online who use these as swimsuits for baby…but beyond that I really don’t know much about them. Personally, they seem less convenient, but that’s just me.

8 The Hybrid. These are part cloth part disposable franken-diapers.  They are generally the most expensive as well.  You can use a disposable insert with them so that you can just chuck that poo into the toilet.

Friday I’ll get to the inserts, liners and types of fabrics. I also may get to talk about washing. I haven’t decided if that will work better as a separate post as there are a variety of methods.

Thanks for tuning in and I hope to see you all again Friday

Blessed. Be.


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