About the Wyrd

This is a safe haven for anyone looking for parenting tips, educational tips, or just plain help.  It’s also a forum where maybe you can teach me a thing or two or share your own perspective by commenting.

I hope to share with you who I am and how my child helps me see the magic in the world while maybe sharing a few activities and learning lessons that I find along the way. And of course, I’ll link you into where I found them as well as into my own Pinterest page.

There are going to be several types of posts on this blog and I’ll probably add to this list as I determine how to somewhat organize them.

The first type will be called Milestones & Updates. Each week or as things occur (whichever happens first) I’ll post updates for y’all. These will either be milestone updates that happened to Freya or the info I’m learning about development through their email program.

So sit back, grab a bottle or snack for your favorite babe, and enjoy the show.

Blessed Be.


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