Bedtime Nursery Rhymes

Hello hope you’re all enjoying the summer weather. I sure am. We even caught the ice cream man while out on a walk. But one of my other favorite moments with Freya is story time.  So I wanted to talk about our favorite collection of stories.

This is a collection from Parragon. It’s easy to find on Amazon. You’ll know it’s the right one if it has a blue and white striped Humpty Dumpty with red lettering outlined in silver.

So this is one of the best nursery rhyme collections I have ever seen. It was gifted to us by Freya’s grandparents on her father’s side.  It contains over 150 stories and rhymes. It has most of the mother goose rhymes we have all heard as well as some more rare rhymes. It also has several stories.

The artwork is simple and sparse, but cute for a wee one to look at. The stories are separated by several rhymes so that you don’t end up reading forever.  It’s a great book for when you need to keep story time short.  It also has a table of contents so that you can read your favorite rhymes or stories. You can also read random rhymes. Right now we are working our way through the book on those nights where we need a shorter story because wa had a longer day.

The book also contains song games that you can play with your child. This portion may be the only complaint that I have about the book. I almost wish that they were categorized by rhymes, then stories, then songs.  Or some variation on that. I think that as Freya grows up and learns the song it may hinder bedtime more than hit helps. Better organization could mitigate that.  My solution has been to highlight them in the table of contents for my personal reference.

It’s a great collection for adults too. I have found many rhymes that not even I have heard.  Though I plan to research as rhymes used to be secret codes for our people in the burning times. Hopefully I’ll find all my class research on the subject at some point so that I can post that here, but that’s another can of worms.

The point is that if you are looking for a complete listing (or nearly complete listing) of nursery rhymes, stories, and songs to entertain your children through their younger years, this may be one of the best books you could ever invest in.

To check it out on Amazon click here. http://www.amazon.com/Bedtime-Nursery-Rhymes-Parragon-Books/dp/1445476738
Blessed Be.